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Ethics for Virtual Law Firm Series: Confidentiality

The concept of confidentiality runs deep in the legal profession. All lawyers have an ethical duty
of confidentiality. The ABA lists confidentiality as a heightened ethical concern when operating
a virtual law office. While it may be a valid concern, there are many ways for virtual firms to
protect the information of their clients. The ABA’s Model Rule 1.6 governs such disclosure.


Social Media for Law Firms

Social media can provide numerous marketing opportunities in addition to endless networking
opportunities for attorneys and law firms. Taking advantage of social media provides firms the
chance to display their unique personality.


9-Steps to Open a Law Practice in 2019

Starting your own firm may sound daunting, but it may be the most rewarding experience of your legal career. The decision to start your own firm is a significant decision that will impact you and your career for the rest of your life.