Virtual Office Solution

A smart virtual office solution made for attorneys

Virtual Office Features


Recognized Legal Address

Enjoy a prestigious FirmVO address without the overhead costs of commercial renting. First impressions do matter and having a spectacular business presence in over can open up new doors.


State of the Art Legal Meeting Rooms

Whether you are in need of a state of the art day office, meeting room, deposition room, mediation room, arbitration room or closing room FirmVO has got you covered.


Mail Receipt and Local Pick up

FirmVO’s staff are legally able to serve as an agent for service of process when an attorney of your firm is not present. As part of our protocol, we identify priority deliveries and notify the relevant attorneys immediately.


Mail Forwarding

Have your business mail forwarded by mail or receive it instantly digitally on the cloud, the choice is your. Your firm is only charge the postage and a small handling fee.


Live Legal Reception

The FirmVO Reception Team is the most important front line communication for clients. Every call received is paramount to us and no longer will you miss an opportunity through an unanswered call.


Private Offices and Hot Desks

Your virtual office is so much more then a mailing address. Reserve an office or hot desk instantly online from 30 minutes to a month.


Priority Nationwide Access

FirmVO Nation-pass is available exclusively to all registered FirmVO Attorneys. As you travel within our central locations in major legal hubs nationwide you can use on demand meeting and office space.


Local Phone Number

A local or toll-free business number to match the area code of the FirmVO location of your choice.


VOIP Phone System

A professional cloud-based business phone system. Manage all your call forwarding and greetings on the client dashboard from any location at any time.


Make your first impression your best…

With Virtual Offices that appeal to all businesses, your needs will be attended no matter the size of your firm. Impressing high level clients will be easy to achieve with the advantage of having a professional private office space that will never cease to amaze.

By simply utilizing FirmVO’s Virtual Office, you can easily achieve your business goals at an exponential rate by cutting your operation costs significantly.


Access when you need it...

Retain the impression of running a traditional high-cost office at a fraction of the cost by using a Virtual Office for your legal firm. With a highly sought after address and the ability to arrange meetings in over 10 major legal hubs, your clients will be left amazed at your legal firm’s nationwide reach.

  • Great Local Law Business Address
  • Access The FirmVO Reception Team
  • Mail Receipt, Mail Forwarding and Mail Scanning
  • Identify priority legal deliveries and notify the relevant attorneys immediately
  • Access to Legal Meeting Space as needed on location
  • Access to Meeting Space and Workspace at Firmvo locations Nationwide 
  • White Glove Service Around The Clock
  • Fast Setup - Get your new address within 3 hours
  • Pay As You Go - No contracts, just pay monthly
  • No Setup Fee -No deposits or setup fees
  • Online USPS Form 1832 and Online Notary Service Included

Virtual law office is a great solution for the following clients:

Firms looking to expand

Simply put, our virtual offices provide a smart alternative to the expensive price tag a commercial rental is associated with. With this monthly savings, your legal firm finally has the potential to enter new markets without any financial investment, complex operations, or long-term commitments.

Firms looking to be local

The ability to branch out into new markets with FirmVO gives your legal firm the leverage of being local. This can prove to be an invaluable asset in creating brand awareness as well as developing customer relationships that would otherwise be impossible to obtain due to geographical limitations.

Firms looking for flexibility

As with all commercial leases, it isn’t uncommon for a legal firm to sign leases that last for up to 5 years in length. With popular commercial location leases valued anywhere from $40,000 to $200,000 and more a month, you don’t have to do the math to realize that the financial commitment is hefty. By signing up with FirmVO, there is no obligation to stay for a fixed term with flexible contracts starting from a monthly basis.

Firms of all sizes

Whether you are home-based attorney or a legal firm expanding into new cities, FirmVO can accommodate your needs by way of providing a virtual law office as well as off-site locations to set up meetings for attorneys and clients to connect.

Virtual Office Benefits

Until now, cost effectiveness has always been a challenge for growing businesses. By simply incorporating digital advancements into your business, a Virtual Office can cut your operations costs significantly.
With flexibility at its prime, a Virtual Office creates a convenient business structure for your legal firm to operate on.
Through the use of our Virtual Offices, you can now focus on the legal aspect of your firm and leave the support staff to us. With the low overheads and more time to concentrate on what you do best, expanding your business is a very real possibility.
FirmVO’s Virtual Offices are ideal for those looking to increase their productivity in a professional environment. With state of the art meeting rooms connected with high speed internet connections, focusing on your work becomes easy.
No longer be tied down to security deposits associated with commercial renting and enjoy the flexibility Virtual Offices have to offer. There is no obligation to stay with non-fixed contracts and cost-effective plans starting from $129 a month.
FirmVO offers priority nationwide access to all of our clients. Impress your clients with our range of over 10 central locations in all major legal hubs including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Newark, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and London.

Why use FirmVO for your Virtual Office?


100% Ethically Compliant

At FirmVO, we are proud to be 100% ethically compliant with the ability to provide a legal-centric virtual office for attorneys. See our comparison chart for all the Ethical and legal friendly services we offer.


Client Confidence

We understand the importance of building client confidence and thrive to deliver excellent standards at all times. With a virtual office address with FirmVO and a FirmVO receptionist at your legal firm’s disposal, professional impressions are easily developed. Not only does your legal firm’s brand gain an award winning identity, client confidence is built among all prospective clients.


Develop a Name for Your Legal Firm

Our years of experience in the virtual services industry has put us years ahead of our competitors. We know that our services will change the way an attorney is perceived among both clients and other attorneys. After all, first impressions do matter.


Attorney-Only Office Facilities

FirmVO accommodates only to Attorneys thus setting FirmVO far apart from other providers. With a legally savvy reception and elegant day offices and conference rooms, presence in our offices will make your attorneys feel like they are working in their very own legal office and not a business center or hotel.


Our Legally Trained Staff

All of our staff and receptionists serve Attorneys only and have all been trained to handle privileged and confidential documents in compliance with all legal requirements. FirmVO’s staff are legally qualified to serve as agents for service of process when an attorney of your firm is not present. As part of our protocol, we identify priority deliveries and notify the relevant attorneys immediately.


Exceptional Work Culture

One of our core principles is the belief in the importance of a diverse culture. We find this principle of key importance in creating a professional work environment that offers seamless social integration.


Cost Effective

With bundled prices starting from as low as $129 a month, FirmVO’s virtual offices for attorneys definitely beat having to pay commercial rent. Through a simple credit card payment, you will no longer be tied down to a security deposit as with a commercial lease.


25 Day Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you are not completely satisfied with our services and our offices provided in your first 25 days with us, we will refund any payments that we have received. Here at FirmVO, we strongly believe that we offer the best virtual office service for attorneys hence our bold 25 day guarantee.


Excellent Customer Service

FirmVO is no different than your legal firm in understanding the need to providing excellent customer service. Should you require any assistance, you can simply reach out to our priority concierge desk, available 24/7, for instant white-glove service.

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