Make 305 Broadway Your Firms New York City Address

You can commit to a long-term lease in Federal Plaza for approximately $45 per square foot PLUS operating expenses.

Or, you can enjoy the perks of being in Federal Plaza — physically or virtually — on a month-to-month subscription for a fraction of the price with FirmVO.


Why law firms of all sizes are choosing
FirmVO over long-term leases


100% ethically compliant attorney-only space


Legally trained and experienced staff


Legal meeting, deposition, and private office space


One-click management of time-sensitive mail


Legal reception and 24/7 US-based call answering


Close to courthouses and other legal services


Amenities and IT services without the overhead


Monthly subscription — no more long-term leases

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Upgrade to a full time or hybrid office anytime

See inside 305 Broadway

An ethical, legal, attorney-only space with hot desks, conference rooms, and rooms fit for physical and virtual depositions

See a detailed list of amenities

Why law firms of all sizes are choosing
FirmVO over long-term leases

This William H. Hume building was built in the Romanesque Revival
architectural style in the 1890s, was designated as a New York City landmark
on December 20, 2011, and features a top walk and transit score

305 Broadway has
never been this affordable

You can have the address, area code, legal reception, time-sensitive mail
service, call answering services, and more without signing an expensive
long-term lease


For solo or small practices that don't want answering service or on-demand meeting & office space credits.


    Use 305 Broadway, New York, NY 10007 as your business address

    An office directory listing

    Up to 2 recipients (e.g. firm members/users)

    Legally staffed professionals at the front desk to greet your clients and accept packages that arrived at your virtual address

    Email alerts for mail received within 24 hours of receipt

    3 monthly forwards of mail by USPS included

    Scans of mail fulfilled within 24 hours 

    FedEx overnight mail at a rate of postage + $5 S&H 

    Basic phone services that includes an inbound phone number, call auto-forwarded to your cell phone, missed call text alerts, and customized voicemail to email

    Access to 1,200+ hours of video CLE with 1 credit certified per month so that you can further expand your knowledge 

    10% member discount for on-demand office and meeting space

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Includes a 212 phone & e-fax number, call answering services, office & meeting space credits, weekend key card access, expedited handling of mail, and more.

$249 /month*
    EVERYTHING in Starter, Plus

    A dedicated and prestigious 212 area code phone number

    30 minutes (approximately 60 calls) of live answering service including client greeting, screening, message taking sent by mail, and transferring

    1-5 Recipients (e.g firm members)

    4 hours of on-demand private office space usage (seats 3 people) — regularly $25/hour

    4 hours of on-demand conference room usage (seats 10 people) — regularly $50/hour

    Key card access to pick up mail after hours and on weekends

    Same-day email alerts for mail received at 305 Broadway instead of within 24 hours

    6 monthly forwards of mail by USPS instead of 3 

    Scanned mail fulfilled the same day instead of within 24 hours

    Only pay Postage on FedEx overnight mail instead of Postage + $5

    Access to 1,200+ hours of video CLE with 2 credits certified per month instead of only 1

    25% member discount for additional on-demand office and meeting space instead of a 10% discount

Make 305 Broadway yours


For practices that need more office use, calls answered, mail servicing etc. & additional premium features.

$499 /month*
    EVERYTHING in Professional, Plus

    A building lobby directory listing to make 305 Broadway officially yours

    1-hour turnaround for mail alerts, scan requests, and mail forward requests 

    100 minutes (approximately 200 calls) of live answering service instead of 30 minutes

    1-12 recipients (e.g firm members)

    10 hours of on-demand private office space usage (seats 3 people) instead of 4 hours

    6 hours of on-demand conference room space usage (seats 10 people) instead of 4 hours

    15 monthly forwards of mail by USPS instead of 10

    Priority of scanned mail

    Only pay postage on FedEx overnight PLUS receive $50 in postage credit

    Access to 1,200+ hours of video CLE with 3 credits certified per month instead of only 2

    40% member discount for additional on-demand office and meeting space instead of 25% 

    Check deposit at local banks and outbound mail service

    Use your office space allotments at FirmVO Midtown and all national locations.

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* Month-to-month subscription — no long-term commitment

Have unanswered questions about FirmVO or our plans?

Need more than the Executive plan offers?

Contact us to create a custom plan for your firm.

Have unanswered questions about FirmVO or our plans?

Contact us and we’ll get you an answer.

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Julia Lamanna

Law Offices Of Julia Lamanna

My commuting costs were ridiculous...


...I would drive 30 minutes to the train station, pay $400/month to take a 1.5 hour train ride each way, plus metro cards to take the subway. I was doing this 3X per week and it was killing me.

I am definitely saving a lot of money and I’m so glad I don’t have to commute anymore.

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Marvin Frank

Frank LPP

Julia Lamanna

We're a contingency fee practice so... either win or you donate. There are long cases with out-of-pocket expenses for experts, travel, etc. 

So the savings go towards helping us fund cases and to increasing profit.

The savings are wonderful.

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Plans and Getting Started

You can begin using the address immediately after you subscribe and make your first payment. Our on-site staff is informed and ready to accept visitors or mail on your behalf.

However, please note we do require you to fill out a USPS form 1583, before any mail starts to arrive. As required by the USPS we must have Form 1583 available for examination by the postmaster and the Postal Inspection Service.

After subscribing, you will receive an instant welcome email with instructions and a link to fill out USPS 1583. It will also give you the option to schedule a free online notary to notarize the form, as required by the USPS.

We aren’t in the long-term lease commercial real estate business. And while the long-term lease was never ideal, in the midst of a pandemic it’s unthinkable for many firms.

With FirmVO, your commitment (if you can even call it that) is month to month with no cancellation fees. We don’t lock you in. 

Should you require or desire a contract term of 1-3 years, we would be happy to provide that. Contact us at (877) 603-1962 and we will send you an agreement on the spot.

We have built our plans to be fully inclusive. We are not in the business of charging our members any hidden fees or overage charges. 
 This means a member subscribed to the correct plan, should never incur an additional charge. 
There are just three possible scenarios, where you would be charged an overage fee as a member of FirmVO, they are:
1. If you go over on your call answering service, we will give you an additional 30 minutes for $59, to ensure there is no interruption in your services
2. Going over your USPS forward limits, will result in a charge of $10 per additional forward + the postage. 
3. Going over your scan limits, will result in a per item charge of $5 per mail item opened that includes up to 10 pages, + $0.40 for an additional page thereafter.

Each FirmVO subscription includes services for one entity. Should you want to set up an additional entity, you will need to set up an additional full-priced subscription

An additional d/b/a can be added at a cost of $49 per month and are added to the floor directory listing. Your current plan features and allocations will stay the same.

If your firm wants full-time office space, please call us toll-free at (877) 603-1962 or email us to discuss your needs.

We offer tailored hybrid office plans for firms looking to have a mix of offices, to be used on a rotation basis (hot desking) and a virtual office setup at the same time.

It's the best of both worlds - usually applicable to firms with more than 10 attorneys who are looking to save atleast 80% on their current office expense.

Legal and Occupancy

New York Judiciary Law section 470 an anachronistic century-old statute, requires New York attorneys based outside the state to maintain a physical office within the State.

An open question today is what is necessary to meet the requirements of the law for New York attorneys, currently residing out of state.  For example, the recent case of Schoenefeld v. Schneiderman (find the case text here) explored this question.

However, uncertainty remains in the minds of many as to the precise requirements for compliance. However, it is clear that until this law is repealed, a physical office in some form is necessary for nonresident attorneys to practice ethically in New York.

We have studied the definition of a physical office and have created and built FirmVO's professional and executive plans to be in compliance with 470 and other ethical pitfalls.

Let us explain why - with a FirmVO plan, you are sharing and paying for the use of an office, a conference room, and legal support staff on site. These staff members and facilities are extensions of your firm like they would be in any law office sublease arrangement.

We also include signage indicating your firm's name outside the suite and the office facility, Our facility is an attorney-only site with staff trained in privilege and confidentiality and the handling of service of process. In addition, we offer a unique license agreement to nonresident attorneys, written to reflect the concerns around satisfying Judiciary Law 470.

We believe, in good faith, the facilities, and services we are providing satisfy the mandate of Judiciary Law 470, however, in the end, that is a decision you must make as a practicing New York attorney.

Disclaimer: FirmVO Inc. makes no guarantee that our office meets the requirement for nonresident attorneys of maintaining a physical office under New York law.

You can book rooms for the same day ~99% of the time. We ensure short-notice availability by limiting the number of attorneys on plans which include access to physical space and by acquiring more space when needed.

If being able to book rooms for focused work, meetings and physical or virtual depositions are important, we recommend starting on a Professional or higher plan which includes 4+ hours of on-demand private office and conference space and discounted prices for additional hours.

You certainly can and we certainly will.

Our front desk is trained and ready to accept any service of process received from the state or courts immediately after you sign up.

You can also use the address for the Courts, the State Bar Association as well as on your website and marketing materials.

We can and we do.

To date, we’ve scanned almost 1,000,000 pages, sent nearly 250,000 time-sensitive mail alerts, and answered over 70,000 phone calls.

Our systems scale so that no matter how large your firm is, you’ll get your mail notifications, calls will be answered and patched through, and documents will be scanned and sent.

We also can offer more than the Executive Plan includes, we offer Enterprise and Custom plans, contact us for more details.

In short, FirmVO is more than a physical office, area code, and address — it’s a suite of tools and services.

Mail management ensures you’re alerted of time-sensitive mail and able to act on it with a click of a button. Live legal reception services ensure every client is greeted professionally and politely whether in person or on the phone. And practice management software (coming soon) makes it possible to keep and organize your cases, phone calls, mail and more in one place.

Click here to learn more about our suite of tools and services for attorneys.


Most virtual offices will take any kind of business as a customer and charge a substantial fee just to get set up. FirmVO isn’t most virtual offices.

Only attorneys can become customers, ALL plans include a $0 set up, and you’ll be up and running in 48 hours.

Hot Desk 1 and Hot Desk 2 (1 on 1 meeting or office use) - $25/hour

Medium Conference Room (4-6 people) - $40/hour

Large Conference Room North ( 10-12 people) - $50/hour

Large Conference Room South ( 10-12 people) - $50/hour

When renting a room for half a day you will receive a discount of 30% and on a full day rental a discount of 40% off.

Mail Managment

In order for mail and packages to reach the suite, it will need to be addressed to our suite, in addition to the address.

FirmVO occupies the entire 7th Floor at 305 Broadway, and the official suite # is Suite 700.

You can simply use Suite 700 or 7th Floor. You can also choose your own unique suite #. You can choose the suite #, however, it must start with the number 7 (e.g. Suite 7855), to reach the office properly.

Full Address:

Your Firm PLLC

305 Broadway, Suite 700 or 7th Floor or Your Own Suite # That Starts with 7

New York, NY 10007

We use a standard manila envelope. The envelope is stamped and dropped daily in the mailbox in front of 305 Broadway. We ship it to the address you choose when requesting your forward in the portal.

If you request a bulk forward of all of your mail, we will fit as much as we can in one envelope. If there is still mail remaining, we will use a second envelope. Please note this will account for another forward per plan allocations.

You sure can, just let us know when you sign up that you would like to enroll in mail auto-forwarding.

The front desk staff will automatically forward your mail on Fridays.

You can use this service for forwarding weekly (Profesional and Executive Plan) or bi-weekly (Starter Plan). You can request us to send the mail USPS standard or FedEx with tracking (ground or overnight). Postage charges and subscription overage rates apply. 

With our Executive and Enterprise plan, you are able to receive checks and send outbound mail to and from 305 Broadway.

When it comes to checks, our front desk staff can either go to a local bank branch on your behalf or you can send us a bank check scanner to use.

With outbound mail, all you would have to do is email us a document you want to be sent, just don't forget the address of where you want it sent.

We will put it in an envelope, add stamps and send it out on your behalf the same day. The will be postmarked as sent from NYC, even if say, you are out of the country. 

FirmVO is unable to initiate a change of address or a forwarding request with the USPS on behalf of a new client. Unfortunately, the postal service just doesn't allow for it.

It's also important to note, that the required USPS form 1583, is not a change of address or a forwarding request with the USPS.

Should you require a change of address, make sure to visit the Official USPS Change of Address® website, where you can make the change of address request directly with the USPS.