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Attorney-only office space and a prestigious address and phone number are where it starts with FirmVO. You can also process your time-sensitive mail remotely, have your calls answered 24/7 with custom scripts and instructions, and more from within the FirmVO platform.

Process time-sensitive mail in one
click from anywhere

  • We receive your mail

    A legally trained receptionist receives your mail at whichever address you have chosen as your firm’s home.

  • You get an email alert

    We send you an email alert which includes basic information about your mail — no more calling or commuting to see if you have mail.

This is where the magic happens.
In one click you can...

Have legally trained receptionists answer your calls 24/7 with a custom script

  • Log into your portal

    You click the link in your email alert to log into your FirmVO portal
    and decide what to do with each piece.

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Choose a prestigious area code and phone number

Who you are and what you have done aren’t the only reasons new clients reach out — where you are matters, too. We have secured phone numbers with rare and sought after area codes in legal hubs across the country (e.g. 212 in NYC). 

This shows prospective clients your practice is where they expect a reputable attorney’s practice to be. You can choose  your number and area code in a couple of clicks from your dashboard.

Set up custom call scripts and flows for our 24/7 receptionists

This is for you if you don’t want to answer your own phones and risk missing calls and losing clients, add headcount, or pay for a generic call answering service.

One of our specialists will work with you to create custom scripts for greetings, client intake, call patch throughs, and more — whatever it takes to make this feel like your office and receptionist. We can also set up an extensive directory with custom call flows, too.

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If you miss a call —
we’ve got you covered

With our receptionists on the phone 24/7, you won’t miss calls the way you would if you answered your own phones or hired a receptionist to work regular business hours. But what happens if you or someone at your firm isn’t available to take a call we patch through?

We send an email for each call we handle which includes any message we may have taken and a recording of the call if you want it.


Jennifer Williams

Florida/California Multi-State Law Firm

All of my California-based documents are dropped off at our virtual office...

...and instantly FedExed to me. The staff are former paralegals so they understand which documents and notices are time-sensitive.

I also use the FirmVO software to review documents and request scans. We’ve grown our California operations 10X since opening our FirmVO office.


Get FREE access to over 1200 hours of CLE video courses

Our official partnership with NACLE gives you access to their CLE videos, credits, and progress tracker — all from your FirmVO dashboard.

Without FirmVO, you would pay $50 per credit and $500 per year to access this same content. Credits and unlimited access to video content are included in all FirmVO plans.

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Physical attorney-only offices
across the US

  • Access the most prestigious addresses in New York, California, Massachusetts, Washington, and Texas for as little as $129/month (no contract)
  • New state of the art offices in major legal hubs equipped with high-speed internet, IT equipment, and security are being added all of the time.
  • Use your office to receive and process mail, hold private in-person meetings, work in an attorney-only environment, and on your website and letterhead for marketing.
David Blum photo 1

David Blum

David Blum & Associates

I didn’t need all of the space I was paying for...


....I can do everything I did before from home. I’m not a brick and mortar - I am the business. Wherever I go, the business goes with me.

And when I do have to meet someone in person, I book an office and have my meeting there.

New York - Tribeca

305 Broadway

New York - Midtown

424 Madison Avenue

Albany, NY

90 State Street

Dallas, TX

8150 N. Central Exp.

Chicago, IL

Update me!

Washington, DC

Update me!

Get started today
no contract required

  • Created by attorneys and experienced virtual office operators for state bar registered attorneys — no exceptions
  • Prestigious business addresses for as little as $129/month
  • Access to on-demand meeting rooms across the US for meetings, depositions, and focused work
  • Legal staffed front desk on location trained to act as your agent for service of process
  • Online mail management with instant alerts, scanning, forwarding, and shredding options
  • Local phone number with sought after area code (e.g. 212 in NYC)
  • Call answering services that can include tailoring scripts to your firm and the purpose of the call, who we transfer and who we let go to voicemail, and more
  • Over 1200 hours of MCLE accredited courses included free of charge
  • Built-in practice management software and new addresses coming soon (ask for details)
  • Membership is month-to-month and includes a 15-day money back guarantee — no more expensive long-term leases