About the FirmVO Group

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About Us

FirmVO was founded in March 2017 with a vision of offering attorneys the first national turn-key ethical virtual office solutions including a prestigious office address, professional receptionist, mail and telecom technology, virtual video depositions and other services. FirmVO currently operates in seven states and is expanding to legal hubs nationally and internationally in an effort to leverage its platform and technology. FirmVO is a venture-backed enterprise by the New Jersey based Herzka Venture Fund.

Our Global Headquarters are located in beautiful Pearl River, NY at the Blue Hill Plaza Office Campus.

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Our Founders Vision

The proliferation of mobile is transforming how small law firms manage their businesses and interactions, providing them with greater flexibility and agility. The ability to tap this mobile anywhere, anytime approach requires great productivity and communications applications and on-demand workspace and services. Mini law firms spend almost 10 percent of their revenue on office space, and this does not include the overhead of a receptionist. FirmVO Virtual Offices offer Law Firms the chance to reduce their expenditures and reinvest these dollars back into their businesses, while also enabling them to capitalize on the opportunities of mobility.

Lawrence Torand, Director of Operations and Aaron Poznanski, Co-Founder enjoying an afternoon in Downtown Boston, MA


Our Culture

Diversity is a key driver for change in our corporate culture – and at the same time our contribution to true appreciation and respect in society. 

We follow four Guiding Principles that shape the way we think and act. They represent our values and define what we stand for, how we work together and what we believe. Respect and integrity, guide our behavior and we overcome challenges with teamwork.


Customer delight and simplicity drive our action
We don't just want customers to be satisfied but want to delight them with our services.
Respect and integrity guide our behavior
We respect our co-workers, customers, partners and suppliers. We support the success with an open, honest culture.
Team together – Team apart
We aim to discuss issues openly within the team. There has to be room for differences of opinion and for tough, controversial discussions. Once a decision has been made, however, it must be implemented thoroughly and consistently by all team players.
Best place to perform and grow

Our success is based on motivated, well-trained employees. That's why this Guiding Principle requires all management staff to recognize individual commitment and success and to promote a positive environment with opportunities for growth and development.

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