Facebook, which just celebrated its 15 th birthday earlier this year, adds 6 new profiles per second. The 500,000 new users that the platform garners each day translates into it having 1 and a half billion daily active users. (Yes, you read that correctly…Facebook has more than 1,500,000,000 users that access the platform every single day.) On a monthly basis, Facebook is utilized by over 2 billion active users. Needless to say, Facebook is a prime real estate to promote your law firm and to obtain new clients.

Where do businesses (including law firms) fall into these numbers?

Sixty (60) million businesses have a Facebook page. Out of these 60 million businesses, only 4 actively advertise on the platform. Businesses and organizations that are active on Facebook are better able to capture the attention of users who typically spend almost an hour per day on the site. All of these statistics combined illustrate that if your law firm isn’t using Facebook to market its services, your law firm’s brand is missing out.

Facebook says, “The number one reason businesses succeed or fail is their ability to attract customers.” With that in mind, we’re here to make sure that your law firm’s Facebook page is reaching its full potential.

Before you start creating content for your Facebook…

First, you should determine the goals of your page. Most firms will have the following goals: to build brand awareness, to promote services (and maybe products), to target specific cases, and to acquire new clients. Next, you should understand that there are 2 ways to meet your goals. One method is completely free (organic Facebook marketing) and the other method (Facebook advertisements) has a cost – inexpensive or costly depending on your needs – associated with it.

FirmVO is all about having a sense of community, so if your firm is looking to build a community-oriented Facebook page, you’ll want to rely more heavily on organic marketing. This type of page will help you create a deeply rooted Facebook presence in addition to creating a seamless lead generation funnel. Of course, your Facebook page shouldn’t be all about acquiring new clients. There are many other ways a community-oriented page can increase your brand’s presence such as:

  • Enhancing page engagement to boost your appearance across users’ newsfeeds
  • Increasing the likelihood of your content being shared by followers and by other pages
  • Your search-engine friendly content will allow users to find your content easier

How do I create an engaging and effective Facebook page for my law firm?

  • Completely fill out the “About Us” section and make sure this information is accurate. People want to know how to get in touch with you. Additionally, don’t forget to include your website URL. Your page’s visitors will want to “confirm” that you’re actually a real attorney with a real law firm that also has a presence elsewhere on the web.
  • Create a call to action (CTA), so that people will be moved to contact you. This CTA should be created as a post, which should be pinned to the top of your page’s timeline.

    • Your pinned post should “quickly demonstrates your value, explains how you can help your clients, and contains an in-text CTA to call or get in touch.” In the event that visitors skip over your “About Us” section, this is another location on your page where they can get the same or similar information.
  • Use pictures and video to showcase your knowledge and your practice space! It’s social media…people are visual! Give a quick 2-minute take on something related to your practice area(s), share information about your career as an attorney, take pictures of your workspace (be sure to omit any confidential documents), do video meet-and- greets of your colleagues, etc.

    • Note: Videos get more traction than statics with posts with just text or an image. So, create as many relevant clips as you heart desires, but keep them short.
  • Ask for reviews! If you’ve established a meaningful relationship with a client, ask for them to provide a review. You can also ask other practicing attorneys who can attest to your lawyering skills.

Is my law firm’s Facebook page engaging enough?

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Brittany Somerville

Law student by day and freelance marketer by night Brittany M. Somerville is a 3L at Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas, Texas. She received her bachelor’s of science degree in Public Relations from Florida A&M University. While working full-time in workforce and community development, Brittany obtained her master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. After passing the bar exam, she hopes to practice sports and entertainment law.